Programs and Curriculum

Infant Curriculum (6 weeks to 18 months old)


Infant programs are often a family's first experience in a child care setting.  Understanding that developing trusting relationships, through loving bonds with the children  is key, our staff makes every effort to support the transition for both infants and parents.  Infant room caregivers center daily activities around the individual needs of each child, with regard to their nap times and feeding times.  As children grow and develop, teachers introduce play-based activities, providing safe exploration to stimulate and encourage their communication, fine and gross motor skills.

Toddler Curriculum (18 months to 36 months old)


Toddler curriculum continues to develop progressing emotional, social, cognitive, communication, fine and gross motor skills through fun, play-based activities.  Consistent routines, allow for flexibility as needed, to meet the needs of each child within the class.  Children are encouraged and inspired to explore, be creative, and express themselves in positive social interactions with their teachers and peers.  Daily learning experiences support independence and develops knowledge foundation.  Our toddler curriculum enriches language and literacy, math, science, and fundamental character development.  Engaging, age-appropriate learning centers allow toddlers endless opportunities to learn at their own pace and achieve goals independently.

Preschool (3 years old)


Children's Nest Preschool Curriculum is aligned with New York State learning standards.  Our programs provide early literacy and emergent reading instruction based on effective, evidence-based practices.  Essential components of curriculum includes background knowledge; phonological awareness; expressive and receptive language; vocabulary development; and phonemic awareness.  Activities are child-centered and designed and presented in a way that promotes the child's total growth and development.  Educational experiences ensures that children are encouraged to be self-assured and independent through a balanced schedule that includes teacher-initiated and child-initiated learning activities.

Pre-K (4-5 years old) Curriculum


Instructional materials and equipment are arranged in learning centers that promote a balance of individual and small group activities.  Teachers use intentional planning to focus instruction to meet recognized learning styles of students.   Our carefully developed guidelines for early learning expectations, provides a more cohesive, unified approach to young children’s education in accordance with an educational framework that focuses on the learning and development of the whole child.  Teachers incorporate academic concepts of Common Core Learning Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy, and Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, the Arts, English Language Arts and Literacy.  Our curriculum incorporates five distinct interrelated NYS Pre-K foundation domains that provide the structure for NYS Pre-K Common Core -  approaches to learning; physical development and health; social and emotional development; communication, language, and literacy; and cognition and knowledge of the world.

Before & After School Program


Holiday, Before and After School Programs for School-Age children up to 12 years old, with Transportation Included.

Our before- and after-school child care program focuses on helping kindergarten and school-age children to continue with their learning experience through a variety of activities. Aside from homework help, our staff will provide an array of fun activities to make sure that everyone goes home happy.

Summer Program



  * Full Day Summer Camp  

  * Ages 5 through 12 years old  

  * Licensed by Dept. of Health   

  * Spacious Outdoor Sports Area  

  * Creative Art and Music Activities   

  * On-Site Special themed events    

  * Field Trips to parks, movies, bowling,       
     swimming pool, theme park, library      

  * Summer Reading Program

  * Staff Certified in CPR and First-Aid